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A Fistfull of Money

Fruit Machine published 34 years ago by Ace Coin Equipment, Ltd.

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A Fistfull of Money © 1990 Ace Coin Equipment.

A Fistfull of Money is a 5-reel AWP machine designed for the British market.

Overlaid numbers on the reels light the corresponding column advances with the highest lit feature name awarding the corresponding feature.

The player may either take the feature offered or leave it for the chance of a higher feature.

Leaving a feature awards the player with a number of free games and the chance of a hold.

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Released in April 1990. A Fistfull of Money was one of the first 20p £4.80 AWP machine's from Ace.

WIN SPIN Position 1+1+1. The reels spin to award a win or a combination of wins.
MYSTERY Position 2+2+2. Mystery awards any feature, win or a number of guaranteed holds at random.
CASH STOP Position 3+3+3. The player stops a value on the gamble scale.
PICK A FRUIT Position 4+4+4. The reels step sown and match the lit fruit to award either a 2 or 3 of a kind win. Any other wins are also paid.
SKILL CASH LINK Position 5+5+5. The player must correctly stop the skill chance to link to the next lit value in the cash display to its maximum of £2.40 Special.
CASH POT Position 6+6+6. The player wins the value of the cash pot.
HOLD POT Position 7+7+7. The player may hold and spin the reels until he achieves a win or uses all of his holds.
CASH SPECIAL Position 8+8+8. The player wins £2.40 and the chance of a repeat.

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