A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the Atari 2600 [Model SLUS-00777]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the Atari 2600 © 1998 Activision, Inc.

At about a buck a game, this baby's fully loaded with 30 of your all-time video game favorites! In the first and largest arcade collection of its kind, Activision Classics gives you all the gameplay of the original Atari 2600 games -- now for your PlayStation game console.

The 30 Atari 2600 titles in this collection are :
- "Atlantis [Model IA3203]"
- "Barnstorming [Model AX-013]"
- "Boxing [Model AG-002]"
- "Chopper Command [Model AX-015]"
- "Crackpots [Model AX-029]"
- "Cosmic Commuter [Model AG-038]"
- "Dolphin [Model AX-024]"
- "Dragster [Model AG-001]"
- "Enduro [Model AX-026]"
- "Fishing Derby [Model AG-004]"
- "Freeway [Model AG-009]"
- "Frostbite [Model AX-031]"
- "Grand Prix [Model AX-014]"
- "H.E.R.O. [Model AZ-036]"
- "Ice Hockey [Model AG-012]"
- "Kaboom! [Model AX-010]"
- "Keystone Kapers [Model AX-025]"
- "Laser Blast [Model AG-008]"
- "MegaMania - A Space Nightmare [Model AX-017]"
- "Pitfall! [Model AX-018]"
- "Plaque Attack [Model AX-027]"
- "River Raid [Model AX-020]"
- "River Raid II [Model AK-043-02]"
- "Seaquest [Model AX-022]"
- "Skiing [Model AG-005]"
- "Sky Jinks [Model AG-019]"
- "Spider Fighter [Model AX-021]"
- "Stampede [Model AG-011]"
- "StarMaster [Model AX-016]"
- "Tennis [Model AG-007]"


Game ID: SLUS-00777
Barcode: 047875103818


Released on September 23, 1998 in North America.

Re-released as a Greatest Hits edition in 2000 (same game ID).

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Manager: Michael Livesay
Atari 2600 Emulator Technology: Michael Livesay
Shell/Menu Programming: Jason L. Maynard
Hardware/Support/Special FX Programmer: Daniel Zahn
Producer: Murali Tegulapalle
Associate Producer: Bryant Bustamante
Art Director: Erik Jensen, Jody C. McMurrian
Games Analyst: Daniel Atkins
Art Guru: Larry Paolicelli
Intro Movie Director and Motion Graphics: David Dalzell
Intro Movie/Demo/Shell Music: Brian Bright
Video Post‑Production: Christopher Hepburn, Ken Ramirez, Mattt Stubbs
Sound: Brian Bright, Michael B. Schwartz
Senior VP of Studio: Alan Gershenfeld
VP of Console Group: Stephen Crane
Creative Director: Ron Gould
Associate Creative Director: Veronica Milito
Copywriter: Lori Ellison
Production Artist: Ron Graening
Documentation Manager: Michael Rivera
Manual Layout: Sylvia Orzel
Director of Console Marketing: Mark Metis
Product Manager: Will Kassoy
Marketing Associate: Alison Horstmeyer
Senior Director of Corporate Communication: Maryanne Lataif
Corporate Communication Coordinator: Allene Kim
Senior Publicist: Julia Roether
Marketing: Amy King
PR: Amy King
QA Senior Leader: Tim Vanlaw
QA Project Leader: Marilena Morini
QA Associate Leader: Matthew J. Powers
QA Senior Tester: Tim Harrison
Special Thanks: Sarah Cigliano, Brian Clarke, Seth Gerson, Jay Halderman, Gary Jesdanun, Teresa Landgraff, Heather Chandler, Scott Pease, Jean Powell, George Rose, David Silverman, David Stohl, Mikhail Ulinich, Stacey Ytuarte


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