688 Attack Sub [Model 3517]

Commodore Amiga 500 disk published 34 years ago by Electronic Arts

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688 Attack Sub © 1990 Electronic Arts.

You command either an American Los Angeles or Soviet Alfa class submarine. You prowl through a dark, undersea world, carrying out dangerous missions that require predatory cunning and bold action. In peacetime, you track and hunt potential enemies. In war, you ambush enemy convoys and defend your warships; stalk ballistic missile submarines and duel other hunter/killers strike at inland targets from enemy waters and live to tell about it. All the major systems of a modern attack submarine - sonar, weapons, navigation, helm, radio and periscope - are at your disposal. Over 40 separate controls let you feel what it’s like to operate the world’s most sophisticated - and deadly - defence technology. At the same time, crew transmissions and pictures remind you that as captain you manage men as well as machines.

688 Attack Sub turns the most up-to-date technical information available concerning subs into one of the hottest games on the market. You'll get hour's of pleasure from 688 Attack Sub’s exciting graphics, fast pace, attention to detail and variety of player options.

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GAME ID: 3517

KEYBOARD COMMANDS (from the official manual):

- Tab: Tab through control groups

- Cursor Keys:
-- Left: Move left between positions within a control group
-- Right: Move right between positions within a control group
-- Up: Move left between controls regardless of groups
-- Down: Move right between controls regardless of groups

- Quick Keys:

-- F2: Radio Room
-- F3: Status Panel
-- F4: Ship's Control
-- F5: Periscope
-- F6: Navigation Board
-- F7: Weapon Control
-- F8: Sonar Room
-- F9: CONN
-- O or X: Exit
-- CTRL R: Pseudo-Cyrillic On/Off

- Ship's Control Panel
-- R: Rudder control
-- E: Engine control
-- D: Dive Plane Control
-- .: Auto Pilot
-- 5: Auto Function
-- 1: Display Controls

Navigation Board
-- G: Target
-- W: Set Waypoint
-- K: Clear Waypoint
-- .: Auto Pilot
-- Q: Time Compression
-- 4: Plotting controls

- Weapon Control Panel:
-- G: Target
-- R: Torpedo Tubes
-- A: Auxiliary missiles
-- M: Missile Tubes - 688
-- 2: Torpedo Control
-- 3: Torpedo Control - Alfa
-- 1: Display Control

- Periscope:
-- G: Target
-- U: Periscope Up/Down
-- N: Antenna Up/Down
-- L: Launch
-- -: Periscope Left
-- =: Periscope Right
-- 1: Display Control

- Sonar Room:
-- G: Target
-- 3: Analyse
-- 2: Sonar Controls (688)
-- 3: Sonar Controls (Alfa)
-- 1: Display Control

Radio Room:
-- A: Antenna Up/Down
-- P: Periscope Up/Down
-- S: Send Code
-- T: Transmit
-- 2: Message Review

- Status Panel:
-- S: Status

- Map Keys:
-- C: Contour Imaging Display ON/OFF
-- B: Bottom contours ON/OFF
-- P: Look to port in contour mode (Not available on Alfa)
-- F: Look forward in contour mode (Not available on Alfa)
-- S: Look to starboard in contour mode (Not available on Alfa)
-- T: Top-down map ON/OFF
-- I: Zoom in on top-down map
-- O: Zoom out on top-down map


Design by: John W. Ratcliff, Paul Grace, Randall Breen
Programming by: John W. Ratcliff
Producer: Paul Grace
Assistant Producer: Randall Breen
Graphics by: Michael Kosaka, Wilfredo J. Aguilar
Sounds Effect by: Rob Hubbard
Technical Direction by: David S. Maynard
Product Management by: Simon Jeffrey, Barbara Windham
Package Design by: Altman & Manley Design
Package Copy by: Kevin Threadgold
Photography by: Steve Hathaway, Department of the Navy
Screenshots by: Frank Wing
Documentation by: David Luoto


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