4D Sports Boxing

Commodore Amiga 500 disk. published 32 years ago by Mindscape, Inc.

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4D Sports Boxing © 1991 Mindscape, Incorporated.


* FIGHTING HINTS (from the official manual):
4D Sports boxing is designed as an intelligent piece of software that does not require a detailed knowledge of the workings in the game in order to enjoy it thoroughly. The fighting action has a great deal of intelligence built into it and you will find yourself making natural boxing moves - you will learn your opponents strengths and weaknesses and begin to build strategy and flow into the fight - just like a real champ. However, to help all you would-be champs out there, here are a few hints and tips:
1. Use a combination of fighting moves, rather than just one punch repeatedly.
2. Learn to use your guard correctly during the fight - whatever happens, never let your guard down totally. Remember also that as you get more tired, the harder it is to keep your guard up.
3. Keep moving around the ring. Use all the space available and try and trap your opponent into a corner or against the ropes.
4. You will see from his actions when your opponent is getting close to dropping. Wait for your opportunity and then make the most of it - you may never get a second chance and you will have thrown the fight.
5. Use the camera angles and video replay system to your advantage: if you want to see exactly why you got floored during the round then examine the replay in slow motion and work out your mistake properly. If you can't see the action clearly then choose a new camera angle or make use of the point of view cameras - they all help you win.


Created by: Distinctive Software (Vancouver, Canada)

Original Concept: Don Matrick, Stan Chow with
Thanks to: Chris Gray
Design and Programming: Jay MacDonald, Chris Taylor, Rick Friesen
Graphics and Animation: Gerard De Souza
Sound and Music: Michael J Sokyrka, Kris Hatelid, Brian Plank
Produced by: Phil Harrison (Mindscape), Brad Gour (DSI)

Quality Assurance by: Software Toolworks
Directed by: Jacob Smith (Software Toolworks), Ivan Allen (DSI), Steve Friesen (DSI)
Boxing Consultants: Paul Savage
Manual and Documentation: Phil Harrison
Special Thanks to: Geoff Heath: Gary Carlston


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