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46 Okunen Monogatari - Harukanaru Eden e [Model SHVC-46]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 32 years ago by Enix, Ltd.

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46 Okunen Monogatari - Harukanaru Eden e [Model SHVC-46] screenshot

46億年物語 はるかなるエデンへ © 1992 Enix, Limited.
(46 Okunen Monogatari - Harukanaru Eden e)

46 Okunen Monogatari is a side-scrolling action/RPG by Almanic Corporation and published by Enix. The goal of the game is to ensure that the primitive animals on Earth evolve and thrive. Each one of the various stages gives the player an evolutionary challenge to fulfill. The player's journey starts in the sea as a simple fish and his first task is to defeat the sharks before moving onto land. There, he soon prevents the sleek insects to take over the reptiles and the same reptiles to take over the mammals. The player's avatar, with the help of the beautiful Gaia (The Earth spirit), evolves into different creatures and eventually reaches the ultimate human form in the Age of Eden. Each incarnated creature wins evolutionary points (AP) by eating other life forms. The precious earned points can then be used to modify parts of the creature's body such as jaws, horns, neck, body, hands, feet, tails and so forth. Magic crystals can also be collected along the way to accelerate the evolution process. The game is first presented as an overhead view of the surrounding world and once a stage is selected, the whole gameplay turns into a traditional side view action game. Other animals are scattered along the way and either give the player information, short missions or, in most cases, simply try to eat him. The game is non-linear and it is up to the player to evolve an aggressive or more defensive creature. These choices are at the core of the gameplay and the game branches out depending on the player's actions. Interestingly, a collection of creatures can be stored on the game's cartridge.


Game ID: SHVC-46


46 Okunen Monogatari was released on December 21, 1992 in Japan. Retail price: 9600 Yen.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as "4.6 Billion Year Story To Distant Eden".

Export releases:
[US] "E.V.O. - Search for Eden [Model SNS-46-USA]"


Human body
After becoming a mammal, evolve the cat jaws and rabbit body. Then, select the Ramopithecus body. It will become human after two more evolutions.

Mermaid body
Accumulate 10,000 evolution points by the final ocean stage of Chapter 5. Select Hand and Feet when evolving your character, then select the Try To Evolve option. Continue to evolve three times to become a Mermaid.

Easy HP
Even the smallest evolution will max out your HP. Shortening/lengthening your neck or changing the size of your body when low on HP will enable you to defeat every Boss easily.

If you evolve a part of your body, your HP resets to its maximum. A good thing to evolve is a horn or something cheap. You will also get more EVO points after killing the Boss.


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;