4 Square [Model 302]

Pinball published 52 years ago by Gottlieb & Co., D.

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4 Square © 1971 Gottlieb.


Model Number : 302


2,200 units were produced.

All rollovers and targets score 50 points. During the game, certain sets of targets and rollovers may be increased in value to score 200 points instead of 50 points, as explained below.
Rollover and target scoring occurs whether the item is lit or not.
The two kicking rubbers score 1 point.
The left and right pop bumpers score 1 point when unlit and 10 points when lit.
The central pop bumper scores 10 points when unlit and 100 points when lit.
The three bumpers are never all lit at the same time.
The bumpers alternate between having both 10 point bumpers lit and the 100 point bumper out, or the 100 point bumper lit and both 10 point bumpers out.
This alternation occurs when 1 point is scored. Therefore, the bumpers will alternate when either kicking rubber is hit or when either 10 point bumper is hit when not lit.
Note, however, that once the 10 point bumpers are lit all three bumpers are scoring 10 points so none of the bumpers can cause the lights to alternate again. In this situation, the player must hit a kicking rubber to get the bumper lights to switch back so that the 100 point bumper lights up and the 10 point bumpers go out.
After the first sequence is completed, the top rollovers score 200 points. After the second sequence is completed, the yellow targets in the upper area of the playfield score 200 points. After the third sequence is completed, the green targets in the lower area of the playfield score 200 points. After the fourth sequence is completed, the green targets light occasionally for special. The specials for all four green targets light up together and go out together. They light whenever the 100 point bumper is lit. In other words, they are tied to the same alternator sequence as described for the bumpers. As explained above, this means that the only way to light the specials (if they are out) is to bounce the ball off one of the kicking rubbers. Hitting any green target when lit for special scores a special only (no score). Each special awards one free game (replay).

At the start of a game, all sequence indicator lights are out and all target and rollover indicator lights are lit. The basic idea of the game is to complete as many sequences as possible (starting with the first sequence) by hitting the 1, 2, 3 and 4 targets or rollovers. When any lit target or rollover is made, the indicators of all like-numbered items go out and the corresponding number is spotted (lit) in the row of the first sequence. Numbers can be made in any order. When all four numbers in the first sequence are made, 500 points are scored and all targets and rollovers reset, lighting up again. This same action is repeated to complete the second, third, and fourth sequences in order, with a 500 point bonus being scored each time a sequence is completed. Once the fourth sequence is completed, the targets and rollovers do not reset - in other words, they do not light up again. However, they do continue to register their current score value.


Design by : Ed Krynski
Art by : Gordon Morison


Machine's picture.
Rule Sheet by Tim Meighan