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4 in 1: Funpak Vol. II [Model DMG-F9-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Cart. published 31 years ago by Interplay

Listed in MAME

4 in 1: Funpak Vol. II [Model DMG-F9-USA] screenshot

4 in 1: Funpak Vol. II © 1993 Interplay


Now get four times the fun from your Gameboy system with 4-in-1 Fun Pak Vol. II. If you like Yahtzee, you’ll love Yacht. Cut the cards for hours of fun with Solitaire. Peg your spot in the winner’s circle with Cribbage. Or Build on your skills with Dominoes.

You can take these all-time favorite games with you anywhere, anytime. It's like having cards, dice, and dominoes in the palm of your hand. So come on--get ready to shake, shuffle and roll your way to hours of fun!

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Model DMG-F9-USA


Released in August 1993 in the USA.


Game's ROM.