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4 in 1: Funpak [Model DMG-F4-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Cart. published 32 years ago by Interplay

Listed in MAME

4 in 1: Funpak [Model DMG-F4-USA] screenshot

4 in 1: Funpak © 1992 Interplay.

Now you can have four of the most popular board games of all time for your GAME BOY... all together in one fun filled package!

Sargon Chess... Checkers... Backgammon... Reversi... any time, any place. Interplay's 4-in-1 FunPak is the perfect opponent, at home or on the road. All four games can be played solo, face to face, or via GAME BOY's GAME LINK.

So, Whenever you're looking for tough competition, just turn on your GAME BOY and take your best shot.


Model DMG-F4-USA


Released on September 01, 1992 in USA.


Game's ROM.