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3Xtreme [Model SCUS-94231]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by 989 Studios

Listed in MAME

3Xtreme © 1999 989 Studios.

Racing game from 989 Studios. As with 2Xtreme, 3Xtreme contains skateboarding, skating, and cycling options to reach the goal before opponent players. Unlike 2Xtreme, however, 3Xtreme's characters are composed of polygons as opposed to sprites. Such a design choice was detrimental to the graphics, however, as the game experienced frequent slowdown when more than one player was on the screen.

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BARCODE: 711719423126


3Xtreme was released on April 21, 1999 in the USA.

The game was rated E (Everyone, it have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Codes in the game allow the player to race as aliens and miniature cars, among other characters.


Programmers: Bob Gordon, Paul Rubio
Artists: Monica Bennett, Joe Brisbois, Jeff Garstecki, Joel Goodman, Andrea Paulus, Shawn Robles, Ryan Volek, Lynn Van Dall, Homoud Alkouh
Game Design: Joe Brisbois, Bob Gordon
Additional Programming: Jim Buck
Producer: Joe Brisbois
Assistant Producer: Greg Batalucco
Director, Sports Product Development: Kelly Ryan
Vice President of Marketing: Jeffrey Fox
Director, Sports Marketing: Craig Ostrander
Product Manager: Ed Loonam
Director, Creative Services: Howard Liebeskind
Director, PR & Promotions: Helene Sheeler
PR & Promotions: Kim Bardakian, Shon Damron, Marcelyn Ditter, Christy Favrhow, Marc Franklin, Robin Jeffers, Bob Johnson, Kristina Kirk, Laura Naviaux, Christopher E. Sturr, Christa Wittenberg
Creative Services: Bill Langley, Vyn Arnold, Michael Raines, Dustin Duhne
Legal & Business Affairs: David Greenspan, Mimi Nguyen, Leslie Chen, Seth J. Steinberg, Sapphira Ng
Director, Product Development Service Group: Dwayne Mason
Motion Capture Athletes: Andy MacDonald, Mike Lewis, Chris Potts, Chris Mitzlaff
Motion Capture Animators: Brian Johnson, Jason Parks, Travis Parks
Cinematics: Scott McMahon, Bob Estes, Evan Sampson, Ian Segal
Multimedia Artist: Jeffrey D. Vargas
Front End Music: '5' and 'Better Luck Next Time', Performed by Ultraspark, Courtesy of Epic Records, By arrangement with Sony Music, New Media Licensing, ℗ 1998 Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Peter Murray (Writer / Composer), Jerry Oliviera (Writer), Neil Godfrey (Writer), Danny Ogden (Writer), Tyler Clark (Writer), Copyright 1998 Polygram International Publishing Inc., On behalf of itself, Richard Wad Music, Cyborg Metal Music, Bald Tread Music, Lodgen Music, Dyler Music, International Rights Securted, All Rights Reserved
In Game Midi Music: Chuck Doud
Sound Effects: Matt Furniss
Documentation and Layout: David Lovalvo
QA Manager: Mark Pentek
Test Managers: Ritchard Markelz, Mark Pentek
Senior Lead Tester: Eddy Cramm
Lead Testers: Walter McDowell, Robert Helsel, Asher Luisi, Tim Duzmal
Assistant Lead Testers: Ramon Concepcion, Shawn Dobbins
Testers: Belinda Aguilar, Justin Anella, Dan Bahman, Ranen Banks, Andrew Benna, Randy Caymo, Peter Chang, Jose Cruz, Trenton Haskins, Charles Hernandez, Charles Heunergardt, Jason Imamura, Christopher Keith, Alex Kulungowski, Christopher Levie, Chad Lowe, Cang Ly, Loe Macalno, Ian McGuiness, Jason Nelson, Conrad Noche, Vince Pangelinan, Armand Pilotin, Joe Raposo, Justin Schultze, Jason Vick, Kyle Zundel


Game's CD.