3D Star Wars [Model S003]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 37 years ago by Custom Cables International

3D Star Wars [Model S003] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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3D Star Wars © 1983 Custom Cables International.

You are Luke Clearthinker. Your task is to take on the entire rebel fleet on your own. You have at your disposal one of the most up-to-date starfighters which is equipped with long and short range scanners for locating and destroying the enemy.

The damage status meter tells you of the condition of your starfighter, and direction indicators show which way you are travelling, warning neons illuminate when the rebel fleet are attacking and a large numeric "aliens left" display let you know how many of the rebel fleet remain in your sector. Fast and slow travelling proton bombs blast your enemy to Kingdom Come.


Game ID: S003


Developed by Elfin Sofware.


Game's cassette.