386 motherboard using the ALi M1419 chipset

This Motherboard is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 info: alim1419
Information last updated on February 06, 2021.
Set's name: "alim1419"
Parent set: cloneof="ibm5170" / romof="ibm5170"
MAME's description: 386 motherboards using the ALi M1419 chipset
ROM name="3alm010.bin" bios="kmca419" size="65536" crc="733d0704" sha1="b5724f98047e95ea41aaa396a0374357f20cf2de" region="bios"
ROM name="3alw001.bin" bios="alim141901" size="65536" crc="15bd5c90" sha1="abe2a8613d2950b27701468144fe9de8063d6e57" region="bios"
ROM name="386ac_p102_ami_aa1226493.bin" bios="386acp102" size="65536" crc="43ba9775" sha1="9f80ebf1e7ef1d7e5b7c2aad5839b4f982db75d1" region="bios"

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