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30 MSX Hits

MSX cass. published 36 years ago by Aackosoft

Not listed in MAME yet

30 MSX Hits © 1988 Aackosoft.

Features 30 games:
Beach-Head (Tape 2 Side A)
Boardello (Tape 6 Side A)
Boulder Dash (Tape 4 Side A)
Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Riot (Tape 5 Side B)
Break In (Tape 3 Side A)
Chopper (Tape 3 Side A)
Confused (Tape 6 Side A)
Happy Fret (Tape 5 Side B)
Hard Boiled (Tape 2 Side B)
Jet Bomber (Tape 5 Side A)
Life in the Fast Lane (Tape 4 Side A)
Mastervoice (Tape 3 Side A)
Mazes Unlimited (Tape 2 Side B)
Miner Machine (Tape 4 Side B)
MuSiX (Tape 2 Side A)
Oh Shit! (Tape 1 Side B)
Oil's Well (Tape 6 Side B)
Pico Pico (Tape 3 Side B)
Polar Star (Tape 5 Side B)
Police Academy (Tape 4 Side B)
Robot Wars (Tape 4 Side B)
Skooter (Tape 2 Side B)
Sky Vision (Tape 6 Side A)
Sorcery (Tape 3 Side B)
Speedboat Racer (Tape 1 Side A)
Spy Story (Tape 1 Side B)
Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper (Tape 5 Side A)
Star Fighter (Tape 1 Side A)
The Heist (Tape 1 Side B)
The Train Game (Tape 3 Side B)


MEDIA: Tape x6