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30-in-1 FC Capcom

Pirate Famiclones cart. published by Unknown

Not listed in MAME yet

30-in-1 FC Capcom © 200? Unknown.

Rockman 1
Rockman 2
Rockman 3
Rockman 4
Rockman 5
Rockman 6
Rockman Board Game
Chip & Dale 1
Chip & Dale 2
Destiny of an Emperor 1
Destiny of an Emperor 2
Duck Tales 1
Duck Tales 2
Mighty Final Fight
Gun Smoke
Code Name: Viper
Top Secret
Darkwing Duck
Legendary Wings
Red Ariimaa 2
Street Fighter 2010
The Little Mermaid
The Dream Master
Sweet Home
Strider Hiryu
The Magic Kingdom
Section Z