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30 Games

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 33 years ago by Argus Press Soft.

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30 Games © 1986 Argus Press Soft., Ltd.

30 Games: Carpet Capers, Antics, Planetfall, Gridrunner, Bismark, Meteor Storm, Jet Set Gertie, Tunnel 3D, Stock Market, Fridge Frenzy, The Valley, Dragonsbane, Demon Knight, Ned's Garden, Space Intruders, Mighty Magus, The Fall of Rome, Draughts, Xadom, Detective, 20 Tons, The Chess Player, Micro Mouse Goes De-bugging, Tube Cube, Strategy 1 - Invasion, Escape, Laser Zone, Strontium Dog - The Killing, Pyramania, Blood 'n' Guts


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Game's cassette.