3 Ninjas Kick Back [Model SNS-A3NE-USA]

A 24-year-old Nintendo Super NES Game by Sony Imagesoft

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3 Ninjas Kick Back © 1994 Sony Imagesoft.

SNES conversion of Sega CD's "3 Ninjas Kick Back [Model T-93175]".

You first saw Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum on the silver screen when their martial arts skills and extreme exploits saved the honor of Grandfather Mori and defeated an evil arms dealer. Now, it's up to you! In this action-packed adventure, you become any one of the 3 Ninjas. And that's when the fun begins. Wild animals and even wilder ninjas attack! A trio of spaced-out heavy metal rockers join forces with the evil Koga in an all-out effort to do you dirty. But if you rescue Grandfather Mori and his ceremonial dagger, you'll have the last laugh... and unlock a secret room filled with more gold than Fort Knox!


Package ID: SNS-P-A3NE


Released in November 1994 in USA.


* Level passwords:
Level 2 - Rocky, Cult, TumTum, Mori Shintaro
Level 3 - Blonde hair guy, Dump guy, Glasses guy, Mori Shintaro
Level 4 - Cult, Rocky, TumTum, Koga
Level 5 - Koga, Mori Shintaro, Cult, TumTum


Assistant Producer: David Jaffe, Mark Smith
Background Art and Map Design: Terry Lloyd
Executive Producer: Rich Robinson
Game Design: Terry Lloyd
Manager: Ian McGee
Music and Sound Effects: Richard Joseph
Producer: Nathan Rose
Programmer: Ian Sabine
Sprite Art and Animation: Dean Betton, Terry Lloyd, Lee Pullen
Storyline Art: Dean Betton

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