2020 Super Baseball [Model SNS-SA-USA]

Export Nintendo Super NES cart. published 30 years ago by Tradewest, Inc.

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2020 Super Baseball © 1993 Tradewest, Incorporated.

North American version. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese version entry; "2020 Toshi no Super Baseball [Model SHVC-SA]".

Description from the back cover:

This is the ultimate baseball game! Precise pitching, Bulls-eye batting, and Awesome fielding! It's all under your control with simpler yet more sophisticated operation. With loads of features. You'll be an All Star! It is the ultimate baseball simulation you've dreamed of.

Full editing for up to six teams and 432 players!
Play ball with your favorite stars and heroes by making full usage of the parameters. Enter team and player names, all the important stats, and even the uniform color.
Input all the current data to enjoy a fresh game.

A complete Pennant Race
Simulate a full season based on statistics.
Up to 6 people can participate.
The season can be played automatically, while you can enjoy following a team through its games.
The team standings, game schedule, W-L and top 30 rankings in batting and pitching are updated as well as individual stats in over 20 categories.

A totally new feature: Action mode vs Manager mode!
Choose your favorite mode of three: action, computer, or manager. Enjoy action with your partner, following a team through its games, or managing a team with signals.

The hilarious features of Ultra Play!
Adds a whole new dimension of fun to baseball with the wacky Ultra Plays.
A pitcher splits into four! The whole baseball field revolves!
The speed of the ball gets up to 200mph!
A fielder jumps hundreds of feet in the air!
There are 39 different Ultra Plays all together to surprise you.!

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Barcode: 0 31719 19931 0


2020 Super Baseball for SNES was released in July 1993 in North America.

[FR] May 1993 - Joypad: 81%

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