2020 Super Baseball [Model 7158]

Sega Genesis cart. published 29 years ago by Electronic Arts

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2020 Super Baseball © 1994 Electronic Arts

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Game ID: 7158


2020 Super Baseball for the Geneses was released on March 03, 1994 in North America.

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Genesis Version by NuFX Inc.
Genesis Programmers: John Siegesmund, Lou Haehn
Music by: Brian Schmidt, Chris Granner
Sound Effects: Brian Schmidt
Graphics Adapted by: John Cortecero, Jonathan Murfey
Produced by: The Hitmen
Assistant Producer: Ken Rogers
Technical Director: Lon Meinecke
Testing Manager: Randy Delucchi
Product Testing: Ken Rogers, Tony Iuppa (Louvre)
Product Manager: David Neubecker
Marketing Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Package Design: 13THFLOOR
Package Illustration: Marc William Ericksen
Documentation: Michael Humes
Documentation Design/Layout: Emily Favors, Corinne Mah
Quality Assurance: Rich Rogers, Glenn Chin


Game's ROM.