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2 Hot 2 Handle [Model 017247]

Commodore C64 disk published 33 years ago by Ocean Soft., Ltd.

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2 Hot 2 Handle © 1991 Ocean Software, Limited

Compilation of 4 classics:

Golden Axe
Take the challenge! Only you can rescue the rulers of the land of Yuria and set their people free. Battle through the six levels of this action-packed quest that is faithful to the coin-op original?

Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road
Grab the wheel and hit the nitros - the off road challenge awaits you! Play against the computer, or join your friends in competition around the eight tracks. Collect prize money and bonuses to upgrade your vehicle. Watch out for mud holes, and other suspension-wrenching obstacles.

Total Recall
Travel to Mars to discover your true identity - a journey of non-stop action, strange mutants, futuristic vehicles and a startling array of weaponry all captures in superbly executed graphics and stunning gameplay.

Shadow Warriors
Shadow Warriors, the greatest and most ambitious martial arts coin-op game now rages onto your computer. The secrets of the Ninjitsu assassination techniques have been handed down since the medieval they live on in the jungle of the American metropolis.


BARCODE: 5 013156 017247


The 2 Hot 2 Handle compilation for C64 was released in 1991 in Europe only.