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List of songs playables on this page:

01 credit.vgz02 air battle a (round 1, 5, 10).vgz03 antiship battle a (round 1-kaga, 5-ise).vgz04 mission completed i (hit ratio result 1).vgz05 refuel (counting bonus points).vgz06 air battle b (round 2, 8).vgz07 antiship battle b (unused).vgz08 ayako i (round 2).vgz09 failed in the attack (hit ratio result 2).vgz10 air battle c (round 3, 6, 7, 9).vgz11 antiship battle c (round 3-yamashiro, 7-akagi, 8-hiryu, 9-nagato).vgz12 ayako ii (round 6).vgz13 mission completed ii (hit ratio result 3).vgz14 air battle d (round 4).vgz15 daihiryu (round 4).vgz16 final ayako (round 8).vgz17 yamato (round 10).vgz18 final stage cleared.vgz19 star-spangled banner.vgz20 credits roll.vgz21 continue.vgz22 game over.vgz