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10 Pin Deluxe

Bowler published 36 years ago by Bally Midway Mfg.

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10 Pin Deluxe © 1984 Bally Midway.

Up to 6-Player bowling game. Old-fashioned mechanisms replaced with 3-D projected pins, a video monitor for scores and attractions and electronic puck sensors.
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Bally Midway Astrocade hardware.

Main CPU : (2x) Zilog Z80
Sound Chips : AY-3-8912A

Buttons : 2


Just as in league bowling, 10-Pin Deluxe has the 'beerframe'. The cartoon appears briefly before the 5th frame. Then it's time to find out who buys the next round :)

This game was dedicated to Mr. Shuffle, Hank Ross.


Developer: David Nutting Associates

Produced by: Dave Nutting
Designed by: Pat Lawlor

Game's ROM.