007 - Tomorrow Never Dies [Model SLES-01324]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Electronic Arts

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007 - Tomorrow Never Dies © 1999 Electronic Arts.

Tomorrow Never Dies. But you might, unless of course your name's Bond. James Bond. And with 10 missions to complete, you'll need a few tomorrows up your sleeve. Based on movie locations, this is a third person shooting/driving/skiing fastpaced action adventure, with real-time 3D cinematics.

The amazing movie footage enhances the Bond experience, and by the time Q's kitted you out with a full arsenal, including sticky mines, satellite link cameras and the world's most deadly cuff-links, you'll be fully licensed to kill. Espionage at top international levels, for the highest stakes. The multiple combat techniques will be needed with a view to a kill, or at least beating the living daylights out of the deadly Elliot Carver.

Spy story plus glamour and glory. A blockbuster game.


Game ID: SLES-01324


Automatic Mission Complete: Pause the game and enter the following: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, Select, Circle.

Cheat Camera View: Pause the game and enter the following: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, R2, R2

Invincibility: Pause the game and enter the following: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

Maximum Health: Pause the game and enter the following: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, Up, Up, Select

Unlock all missions: Pause the game and enter the following: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, L1, L1, Circle, L1, L1

View all FMV's: Pause the game and enter the following: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1


Black Ops Entertainment
Director: William Botti
Producer: John Botti
Lead Programmers: An Nguyen, William Botti
Lead Artist: Kris Kilayko
Lead Animator: Jason Greenberg
Programmers: Kelly McCarthy Fitzgerald, Sean Chuu, Srini Aouie Lakshmanan
Artists: Adam Bain, Christian De Leon, Garrett Nguyen, Tong Chen
Animators: Brian Sanchez, Stephen Okasaki
Game Design: William Botti, Daryl Kimoto, Michael Guttentag, Flint Dille
Level Design: Tong Chen, Daryl Kimoto, Adam Bain, Christian De Leon, Kris Kilayko
Audio Editing: Daryl Kimoto, John Botti
Video Editing: Daryl Kimoto, John Botti
Additional Technical Direction: Jose Villeta
Additional Programming: James Gooding, Doug Kuppinger, Jose Villeta, Steven J. Batiste, Rudi Kammerer
Additional Art: Michael A. Field, Narry Khang, Jon Bailey, Quinn Nguyen, Arnold Agraviador, Don McDermott, Mike Norton
Story: William Botti, Flint Dille
Script: William Botti, Flint Dille
Storyboard Artist: Michelle Perone
Motion Capture Director: John Botti
Motion Capture Stunt Coodinator: Chad Stahelski
Motion Capture Stunts: Chad Stahelski, David Leich, Bob Salerno, Julia Maltopol, Chris O'Hara
Motion Capture Services: Provided by House of Moves - Los Angeles
Killer Game Character Engine: Licensed From Killer Game
Music and Sound FX: Tommy Tallerico Studios Inc.
Sound Design: Joey Kuras
Sound Editing: Joey Kuras
Additional Composition: Howard Ulyate (Sonic Mayhem)

Black Ops Entertainment, LLC
President: John Botti
CEO: John Botti
Vice President, R & D: Jose Villeta
Line Producer: Jessica Budin
Associate Producers: Daryl Kimoto, Amy Sullivan
Production Coordinator: Rita Mines
Additional Design: Noah Tool
Special Thanks: Phil Harrison, Tina Kowalewski

MGM Interactive
President, MGM Home Entertainment: David Bishop
Executive Producer: Robb Alvey
Production and Design Consultant: Jared Brinkley
Executive Director of Operations: Pamela Trucano
Senior Legal Consultant: Rob Rader
Producer : Michael Guttentag
Production: Mark Harwood, Rue Hon, Robert Loftus, Craig McCoy
Technical Coordinator: Michael Menichetti
Quality Assurance Team: Pax Adair, Alex Becerra, David Paul Guzman, Nathan Miller, Michael Patino, Carlo Serrano
Special Thanks: Eon Productions Ltd., BMW North America Inc., David Pope, Simon Mathew, John Parkinson, Mark Bunzel, Tim Winter, Kim Kofmehl, Phyliss Gordon, Mona Taylor, Jason Astor, Mary Basich, Triumph, TICD

Electronic Arts Distribution
EAD Producer: Scott Evans
Electronic Arts International Development: Atsuko Matsumoto, Ricky Brown, Bryan Davis, Barry Feather, John Pemberton
Electronic Arts Marketing Manager: Albert Penello
Electronic Arts Public Relations: Anne Marie Stein, Jeane Wong
VO Recording Engineer: Bill Lusty
VO Audio Engineer: David Whittaker
Voice Over Actors: Stephen Critchlow, Adam Blackwood, Andrew Bicknell, Miles Anderson, Eve Karpf, Larissa Murray, Steve Hope Wynne, Caron Pascoe
Electronic Arts Test Team: Andy O'Brien, Steven Valentine, Robert Harrell, Patrick Mckinnie
Documentation: Anthony Lynch
Documentation Layout: Golden VizComm
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Package Design: Michael Lippert
Package Photography Courtesy of: MGM Interactive
Customer Quality Control: Jacob Fernandez, Benjamin Crick, Dave Knudson, Shane Ferguson, Micah Pritchard, Darryl Jenkins, Andrew Young
Special Thanks: Jon Horsley, Gary Gettys, Matt McKnight, Ted Fitzgerald, Harald Seeley, David Luoto, Tom Frisina, Marci Galea, Michael Quigley, Frank Gibeau, Mark Blecher, Scott Zimbler, Kurt Hsu, Shannon Salinas