Arcade Video game published 42 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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005 © 1981 Sega.

Agent 005 brings new cash collections to you. His mission is to deliver secret attache cases to an awaiting helicopter. Through wily street chases and the shadows of warehouse darkness to slippery skating rink maneuvers and the blazing aerial getaway fight. Agent 005 steels the scene and delivers customers to you. Fun-filled music attracts them. Four thrilling escape scenes challenge them and the continuous fun keeps them playing and playing. The unique audio and video excitement matches every players skill level.

And 005 is a RasterScan Convert, a Game which can later be converted to a brand new top earning game at a substantial savings.

Put Agent 005 on your side and win the chase for higher profits. For more information on the latest in video-game action, call your nearest Sega/Gremlin distributor.

The chase is on. Agent 005 makes away with an attache case. A hovering helicopter awaits his arrival, but first... Enemy guards pound the street in pursuit. 005 must duck into a new scene.

Inside a warehouse. Avoid being caught in the guard's flashlight beams... once 005 is detected, the chase quickens to super fast. Blast the guards with stun-gas and score valuable points.

Slip into a skate rink. And slip you will. There is no stopping on ice and the same goes for the thrills. Sliding and firing... firing and sliding. 005 can call his helicopter to escape.

The final flight fight. High flying aerial excitement. 005 has reached his helicopter in all other scenes and now finds his high scoring, high soaring getaway copter in a new test balloon and parachute bombs close in from all sides. 005 blast away to score points and to escape. Then the final challenge is thrown at his skill - a blazing battle with the enemy copter. Win now and you win big.

It's free-wheeling fun with fun-filled music and sound. Its stealth and pursuit is like no other video game. Everybody's after Agent 005. You should be, too. Call your nearest Sega/Gremlin distributor today and make sure 005 is on your side.

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Runs on the Sega G80 raster hardware

Screen orientation : Vertical
Video resolution : 224 x 256 pixels
Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz
Palette colors : 64

Players : 2
Control : 4-way joystick
Buttons : 1

Cabinet dimensions :
Upright : 71,25in. high x 26in. deep x 25in. wide. Weight : 330 lb
Cocktail : 25,25in. high x 35,5in. deep x 27,5in. wide. Weight : 170 lb

This game came in a generic Sega wood grain panel cabinet (sticker sideart was optional). These were technically all dedicated cabinets, although the lack of any painted art makes the machines easy to switch and still retain originality (a lot of early Sega titles came in this same cabinet). The game boards themselves were Sega G80 System compatible (as were several other Sega titles before "Zaxxon"), and will work in any G80 cabinet. The monitor is mounted vertically, as were most early Sega titles. The monitor bezel sported the standard game instructions and the marquee showed a '005' logo and a shining flashlight.


005 was released in October 1981 in Japan by Sega. It was then exported in USA by Gremlin Industries and released there in December 1981.

005 (pronounced 'double O five'), is based around a pseudo 'James Bond' theme. Instead of secret 'agent 007' you get to play secret 'agent 005' (which allowed Sega to save money by not licensing the 'James Bond' character for this game).

Original 005 PCBs are very rare today, as most of them were converted to "Monster Bash" when it came out.

Dwayne Richard holds the record for this game with 1,500,000 points on July 25, 1982.

Goodies for 005
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Attache delivered to helicopter 5,000 points.
Guard knocked out 200 points.
Entering a building with
No stun gas cannister 500 points.
One stun gas cannister 500 points.
Two stun gas cannisters 500 points.
Shooting down
Shrubbery 50 points.
Balloon Bomb 200 points.
Enemy helicopter 5,000+ points.
(1,000 X no. of brief cases delivered)

Agent 005's mission: evade enemy guards, negotiate warehouses and skating rinks to deliver attache cases to a waiting helicopter, which in turn must engage in an aerial battle with parachute bombs, balloon bombs and an enemy helicopter. Game play begins as 005 parachutes into the scene and picks up an attache case. To make a run for the helicopter straightaway is difficult and accumulates fewer points. His alternative is to duck into either a warehouse or skating rink.

Armed with a stun gun to ward off pursuing guards, 005 can select a building with either 1, 2 or no stun gun cannisters at the entrance. Gas cannisters extend the stun gun's range and add more points. Fallen guards can be passed by other guards, but not by 005. Once inside the building, the scene changes to the interior of that building. In the skating rink, 005 must travel the rink's perimeter, luring the guards onto the ice to stun or evade them. Caution must be exercised here, as 005 can change direction, but cannot stop until he hits the edge of the rink. A successful rendez-vous with the helicopter completes that delivery and shifts the scene back to 005 parachuting in to pick up another brief case. Once having been in the skating rink, only warehouses are there to-enter, and conversely, if a warehouse was first entered, only skating rinks are available. In later rounds however, both skating rinks and warehouses are displayed. In the warehouse, 005 moves cautiously in the dark, but is pursued once caught in the beam of a guard's flashlight. Again, a helicopter waits to pick up our hero as he makes his way out the far end.

Now in possession of two attache cases, 005 is pursued by an enemy helicopter. Avoiding hedges, shrubbery, descending helicopter bombs, and ascending balloon bombs, points are scored as 005 shoots balloon bombs, shrubbery or the enemy helicopter. The game ends if 005 is caught, or his helicopter is shot down a total of three times (operator selectable).


ColecoVision: A port was planned but never released.


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