Space Race

Arcade Video game published 51 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Space Race screenshot

Space Race © 1973 Atari.

Super space gamesmanship. Space ships race across the galaxy, dodging meteors and asteroids. Zap! Hit, they disintegrate, then another blasts off for antoher flight. Each successful trip through space earns an individual score. Totalizer records scores for competing ships. One player can race the clock or fly two ships for a high skill test. Two players can duel through the meteor storm competing for high score.

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Released in July 1973, selling at an MSRP of $745.

Space Race was Atari's second game after "Pong".

The owners/operators manuals in the Space Race cabinets were actually Atari "Pong" manuals and have the name PONG scribbled out and Space Race hand written over the top of the scribbled out Pong name.

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Designed and Engineered by : Alan Alcorn


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