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show wong510wNBA Showtime / NFL Blitz 2000Updateaccepted
show wong510wTapperUpdateaccepted
show wong510wTerra CrestaUpdateaccepted
show wong510wTerminator 2 - Judgment DayUpdateaccepted
show wong510wHandy AndyUpdateaccepted
show wong510wRoad BlastersUpdateaccepted
show wong510wShadow DancerUpdateaccepted
show wong510wThe GooniesUpdateaccepted
show wong510wBlandiaUpdateaccepted
show wong510wRod-LandUpdateaccepted
show wong510wSt. DragonUpdateaccepted
show wong510wSWIVUpdateaccepted
show wong510wTai Chi TortoiseUpdateaccepted
show wong510wTaniumUpdateaccepted
show wong510wSuper SoccerUpdateaccepted
show wong510wTable FootballUpdateaccepted
show wong510wSuper CarsUpdateaccepted
show wong510wZorroUpdateaccepted
show wong510wBuck Rogers - Planet of ZoomUpdateaccepted
show wong510wDarius+Updateaccepted
show wong510wDonkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. / Mario Bros.Updateaccepted
show wong510wInternational TennisUpdateaccepted
show wong510wSanta's Christmas CapersUpdateaccepted
show wong510wSharkey's MollUpdateaccepted
show wong510wQ10 TankbusterUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Go! Go! Mile SmileUpdaterefused
show wong510wStack UpUpdateaccepted
show wong510wGraeme Souness Soccer ManagerUpdateaccepted
show wong510wJocky Wilson's Darts ChallengeUpdateaccepted
show wong510wJocky Wilson's Compendium of DartsUpdateaccepted

show sjy96525Microman Battle ChargeUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Orange Club - Maru-hi Ippatsu KaihouUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Shingen - Samurai-FighterUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Gals Panic S2Updateaccepted
show sjy96525Gals Panic S - Extra EditionUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Bishi Bashi Championship Mini Game Senshuken [Model GX575]Updateaccepted
show sjy96525Susume! Mile SmileUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Go! Go! Mile SmileUpdateaccepted
show sjy96525Gyakuten!! Puzzle BanchouUpdateaccepted
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