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History.dat now covers:
mame mess ume

History.dat 1.53 for MAME and MESS (as well as Haze's UME) 0.153 now available!

Download History.dat 1.53 (zip file)
Download History.dat 1.53 (7z file)

Please help us to save bandwitch by downloading the 7z version if you are using 7-zip on your computer, thanks in advance.

With the new version of the History.dat, have access to all trivia, facts, tips and others information
for your favorite games and machines (including MESS software lists!) using:

Many iGaming games use this software for there arcade side-games. It's very popular with bingo and casino gaming operators.
You can find some examples via this website.

Usage in QMC2-MAME, QMC2-MESS and QMC2-UME:

Unpack the History.dat file in the ./qmc2/data/cat/ directory.
data cat directory

Then, go in Tool/Options, go on the Files/Directories tab and activate the "Game Info DB" & "Software Info DB" options.
data cat directory

Close the windows, then do a Game/Reload and enjoy the History on the History.dat tab.
data cat directory

Many classic arcade games have made the transition onto online casino platforms leading to a surge in players playing these games.

For Software lists history, go on the Software List tab
and click on the "Toggle Detailed Software Information" option.
data cat directory

Now enjoy the History.dat on the "Software Info" tab.
data cat directory

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