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History.dat, useable for:
mame mess ume
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It serves information for MAME games list, MESS machines list and MESS softwares list.
All these information are extracted directly from the Gaming-History (formely known as Arcade-History) database.

History.dat 1.61 for MAME, MESS and UME 0.161 now available! It contains information for more than 46,800 games!

With the new version of the History.dat, have access to all trivia, facts, tips and others information
for your favorite games and machines using:

History.dat in MEWUI UME showing the Atari 2600 info.

atari 2600 information in mewui

History.dat info for the Atari 2600 software list

software list information in mewui

Many classic arcade games have made the transition onto online casino platforms leading to a surge in players playing these games.

History.dat in QMC2 showing the Vectrex software list

software list information in qmc2


Support 15 Years of work on the History database

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Frontend developers ?

here is how History should be reads:

MAME/UME: info for games on $info=rom1,rom2,
MESS/UME: info for machines on $info=bios1,bios2,
MESS/UME: info for softlist on $(softlist name)=rom1,rom2,