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[Coin-Op] Gun Game1887Reynolds William Reynolds
[Coin-Op] Vending Machine1887Schiess Otto Schiess New York, NY, USA
[Coin-Op] Strength Tester1887Everitt P. Everitt London, England, Uk
[Coin-Op] Musical Instrument1887Fabrik Leipziger Musikwerke Leipzig, Germany
[Coin-Op] Non-Coin Machine1887Moore M.E. Moore Chicago, IL, USA
[Coin-Op] Trade Stimulator1887Oliver William S. Oliver London, England, UK
[Coin-Op] Shocker1887Pope William R. Pope New York, NY, USA
[Coin-Op] Trade Stimulator1887Little Giant Mfg. Co. New Haven, CT, USA
[Coin-Op] Working Model1887Dennison J. Dennison Leeds, England, UK



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