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Airborne © 1996 Capcom Coin-Op, Incorporated.

Airborne machine
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Airborne was released in March 1996. 1,350 units were produced.
information The up/down ramp opto will now remain active after game over. This will allow the game to clear any balls that may be under the ramp without having to wait for ball search.
information Added language translations for German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.
information The up/down ramp 1 second activation delay has been removed. When a ball is read
by the ramp opto it will immediately raise.
information The left ramp jackpot lamp is no longer blinked when multiple ramp shots are being made.
information The initial high score to date table and replay level scores are automatically increased when the game is changed from a 3 ball game to a 5 ball game.
information Outlane gate diverter coil control adjusted for cooler operation.
information Replay score factory default setting has been lowered from 100 million to 75 million.
information Performing a factory reset now sets volume level to 8.
information Replay bump factory default setting lowered from 10 million to 1 million.
information Replay minimum factory default setting lowered from 60 million to 1 million.

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