Paddle Derby [Model 752-B]

The Arcade Video Game by Nutting Associates, Inc.

Paddle Derby [Model 752-B] screenshot


Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

Paddle Derby © 197? Nutting Associates.

A one- to four-player paddle games, Paddle Derby is a blazing race between opponents - each time a player hits his ball, his color bar advances. Player 1's playfield was red. Player 2's playfield was blue. Player 3's playfield was yellow. Player 4's playfield was green. The first player to the end of the track wins!


Paddle Derby [Model 752-B] the  Arcade Video Game
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[Model 752-B] has Nutting's exclusive linear side controls.


Also released as "Paddle Derby [Model 752-A]" with clutched pot knob controls.

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