Other Life - Azure Dreams [Model SLPM-86047]

The Sony PlayStation Game by Konami Corp.


Not emulated in MAME [CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Game

Other Life - Azure Dreams © 1997 Konami Corp.

For years the Demon Tower has beckoned you and, today, on your fifteenth birthday, you have come of age. Do you follow in your father's footsteps and enter the Tower or live a peaceful life in the town of Monsbaia - it's time to choose. And so the story begins in Azure Dreams.

Play the role of an apprentice monster tamer searching a magical tower for demon eggs to collect and grow. Once collected, these eggs can be sold for profit or raised into friendly helpers that'll aid you in your exploration of the higher reaches of the tower.

With a flexible story system, that allows you to build a prosperous town using earned funds, and a random map generator that makes each foray into the tower a new experience, Azure Dreams will keep fans absorbed for hours in a game that combining traditional RPG elements with monster raising and city building.


Game ID: SLPM-86047


Released on November 13, 1997 in Japan.

japan "Other Life - Azure Dreams [Model SLPM-86104]"

Export releases:
usa "Azure Dreams [Model SLUS-00614]"
europe "Azure Dreams [Model SLES-01219]"


Directed by: Kenichiroo Horio
Scenario written by: Kouji Yamada, Kenichiro Horio
Character design by: Kouji Yamada
Monster design by: Keisuke Hattori
Background design by: Kenichiro Horio
Assistant directed by: Haruhiko Inaba
Programming by: Jiro Hakodate, Kenichiro Horio, Kazumasa Ogiso, Kazuo Ishikawa, Yuji Kikuchi, Katana-1
Scenario coded by: Toru Hagihara, Koma, Kousuke Iwakura, Hiroki Sato, Kenji Kaneguchi, Masako Yashima
Additional design by: Kouji Yamada, Keisuke Hattori, Yoko Aoki, Teruto Tajima
Movie by: Kazuaki Nakano, Kenichiro Imaizumi, Tsuguo Tadano
Music by: Hiroshi Tamawari
Sound effects by: Hiroe Noguchi
Movie SE by: Kazuhito Imai
Sound programming by: Noritada Matsukawa
Sound management by: Noritada Matsukawa
Music driver by: Kiyohiko Yamane
Sound edited by: Flatline, Hideki Kasai
Special thanks to: Masaaki Harada
Supervised by: Masaki Yoneoka
Produced by: Kazumi Kitaue
Presented by Konami
Development by KCET

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