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The Arcade Video Game by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer © 2007 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer is a battle quiz game which supports both local and online play. Terminals are able to be networked using the ALL.Net network service, which allows players from around Japan to battle each other online.
There are 7 different modes of play, with the game boasting over 50,000 questions. Some game modes include Speed Mode, where the player is ranked depending on the time taken; and Visual Mode, where the player must memorize certain objects.
An IC card can also be used which allows players to save their progress, and also allows players to matched according to their skill levels when playing online. Answer X Answer also lets you customize your game depending on your rank, with highly ranked players able to heavily customize their game.


Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer the  Arcade Video Game
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Runs on the Sega "Lindbergh Red" Hardware.

Players: up to 4 Simultaneously.


Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer was released on July 05, 2007.

Some units appear in the world of Yakusa 3 (PS3), but are not playable.


Version 1.1 (October 24, 2007)

Version 1.2 (February 13, 2008)
• Premium

Version 1.3 (June 11, 2008)
• Deluxe

Version 1.4 (September 3, 2008)
*Deluxe Plus

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