Kung-Fu Master


The Arcade Video Game by Irem Corp.

[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game

Kung-Fu Master © 1984 Irem Corp.

For more complete information on the game itself, please see the original Japanese version entry; "Spartan X".
Kung-Fu Master machine
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Kung-Fu Master was released in December 1984 outside Japan. Originally known in Japan as as "Spartan X".

Licensed to Data East for US manufacture and distribution. Kung-Fu Master was the first game that Irem licensed to Data East and was also the first of two genre-defining fighting games released by Data East that year; the other being 'Karate Champ', the world's first one-on-one fighting game.

A bootleg of this game was released by O.K. corp. in 1985.

Mike Sullivan holds the official record for this game with 1,349,040 points.
Differences between Spartan X and Kung-Fu Master :
information During the demo screen the word Kung-Fu (in 'A KUNG-FU MASTER, THOMAS....') is spelled 'KANFU' in Spartan X.
information Spartan X has an additional copyright notice that is not in Kung-Fu Master : '(C)1984 Paragon Films Ltd., Towa Promotion'.
1. Kung-Fu Master (1984)
2. Vigilante (1988)
3. Spartan X 2 (Nintendo Famicom, 1991)


Nintendo Famicom [AS] (1984) "Kung Fu"
Atari 2600 usa (May 12, 1987) "Kung Fu Master [Model AG-039]" by Activision
Nintendo NES usa (October 1985) "Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-USA]"
Nintendo NES europe (April 15, 1987) "Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-NOE]"
Atari 7800 usa (1989) "Kung Fu Master [Model AM-039]" by Absolute Entertainment
Nintendo Game Boy europe (1991) "Kung Fu Master [Model DMG-SX-NOE]"
Nintendo Game Boy usa (February 1991) "Kung Fu Master [Model DMG-SX]"


Apple II usa (1985) "Kung Fu Master"
Commodore C64 usa europe (1985) "Kung Fu Master"
Sinclair ZX Spectrum europe (1986) "Kung-Fu Master" by U.S. Gold
Amstrad CPC europe (1987) "Kung Fu Master"
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