High Score

The Arcade Video Game by Cal Omega


Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

High Score © 198? Cal Omega.

Draw Poker with exciting Double-Up feature. Play for points instead of replays. Player has up to 5 games to make High Score. The top 8 scorers have their names displayed on the video sreen. Player can discard up to 5 cards per hand. With a winning hand, player has 2 choices. He can keep his win with the 'Take' button or try to double it with the 'Double' button. If he selects double, 2 more choices appear, 'Big' or 'Small'. If 'Big' is selected, the next card to appear must be higher than an '8' to win. If 'Small' is selected, the next card must be lower than an '8' to win. Winning doubles the player's skill points.


High Score the  Arcade Video Game
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Housed in a 'The Derringer' cabinet.

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