Download 2 [Model HAPR-1018]

The NEC PC-Engine CD Game by NEC Avenue, Ltd.

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Download 2 © 1991 NEC Avenue, Limited.

Download 2 is an horizontal shooter published by Nec Avenue and sequel of a HuCard game originally released in 1990. Nec Avenue certainly acknowledged that the game's best asset was the unique and innovative ability to jack-in and dive into computerized cyber-space worlds. This sequel follows the same formula but also features probably one of most electrifying storyline ever written for a video game. The brain of Adolf Hitler has been digitized inside a computer mainframe by terrorists and Syd, an elite cyber-diver and protagonist of the game, embarks on a perilous journey to stop and destroy the incoming threat. On board his ship and helped by the cute Deva, Syd flies through nine enemy infested areas and dives into abstract and challenging cyber worlds. Four different weapons are available to him at the press of a button - multiway Vulcan-gun, wide laser-beams, spread homing-lasers and a short-range lightning gun. Each weapon can be powered-up a grand total of three times by collecting 'P' pods that appear on the screen whereas 'S' pods increase the overall speed of the ship. Other special items are available throughout the game such as smart-bombs and protective shields.


Game ID: HAPR-1018


Download 2 was released on March 29, 1991 in Japan for 6800 Yen.


Syd: Kaneto Shiozawa
Deva: Tomomi Kaneshita
Freak: Tatsuo Kaneshita
Newscaster: Taro Hachinohe
Emperor: Tetsuya Chiba
Narrator: Isamu Kayano
CM Girl: Rie Hanai

Executive Producer: Makoto Sakio
Producers: Toshio Tabeta, Kouji Matsuda, Hidetaka Takayama

Original Story: Wataru Nakajima
Continuity: Akihiro Saito
Character Design: Syuho Itahashi
Animation Supervisors: Nobuyoshi Inano
Visual Art: Akihiro Saito, Satoshi Ono, Tsu.Ki.No.Za, Kouji Matsuda, Taihei Yamanaka, Kazuya Matsuzawa, Suguri Anbe, Kotomi Nakamaru
PSG Music/Sound Effect: Kimitaka Matsumae, Suguru Yamagichi
Program: Art Pepper, Milk
Font Edit: Saku, Hiko
Enemy Data: Entry Committee'90

Boss Character Design: Kitachan
Scroll Graphics: Akihiro Saito, Yoshiharu Sakakibara, Satoshi Ono
Character Graphics: Yuichiro Komoriya, Kazuya Natsuzawa
CD Music: Tadashi Kitamura, Kimitaka Matsumae
SE Data: Kimitaka Matsumae
SE Program: Hatomugi, Ghun
Program: Uyuoano, Nanchan, Art Pepper, Mizuko Nakamura
Cooperation: Shino Hutatsugi, Kazuma Shirasaki, Karuko Tsuzimura, Tokuyoshi Kinoshita
Produce & Direction: Akihiro Saito

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;

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