Beat the Clock

The Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.


Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Slot Machine

Beat the Clock © WMS Gaming.

The top box shows eight pie-shaped 3-sided wedges segmented into a circle with each wedge being able to revolve three dimensionally and stop on any of three sides. In the start of the bonus, each wedge segment displays credit values. There are lights around each wedge that light up randomly until a button press by the player stops the light on a credit wedge. Once the credit wedge is highlighted, all remaining wedges flip to reveal wedges displaying +5 or +10 and random multiplier. The remaining wedges light up randomly and the player has a second chance to try and increase the initial value. If he stops the light on the multiplier wedges, then the initial value is multiplied by the wedges multiplier value. If the light stops on a +5, then the player is awarded the initial value plus 5 credits and the game ends. If the light stops on a +10 then, the player is awarded the initial value plus 10 credits and the game ends.


Beat the Clock the  Slot Machine
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