Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh

The Apple IIGS Software by Taito America Corp.

Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh screenshot


Emulated in MAME ! [Computer] Apple IIGS Software

Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh © 1988 Taito America Corp.


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The game screen displays current score, high score, number of remaining VAUS2, and current level.
Between 50 and 120 points are awarded for destroying an Energy Block, depending on the color.
1,000 points are awarded for collecting a capsule, and 100 points for hitting an alien.
An extra V AUS2 is awarded at 20,000 and 60,000 points.
Additional lives are awarded at intervals of 60,000 points.


Apple II version written by: Ryan Ridges, John Lund

Game's ROM
Game's screenshot.

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