Animaniacs [Model T-95176]

The Sega Genesis Game by Konami Co., Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Sega Genesis Game

Animaniacs © 1994 Konami Company, Limited.


Game ID: T-95176
Barcode: 0 83717 16014 4
Barcode: 0 96427 01149 1


Steven Spielberg Presents 'Animaniacs' was a popular animated TV cartoon series from Warner Bros. Episodes were aired from 1993 to 1996. The subtle humour appealed to adults as well.


Director: Haruki Nitta (Harry Nitta)
System Programmer: Koji Komata
System Program Adviser: KenichirĊ Horio
SFX & Characters Programmer: Shousuke Harada (Mac)
Demo Story & Characters Programmer: Tsuyoshi Uoya
Sound Design: Seiya Murai (K-Mu)
Graphic Designers: Teisaku Seki, Kouji Yamada, Reika Bando, Kazue Tachinami, Junichi Murakami
Demo Story Written By: Jeremy Blaustein
Package & Manual Design: Kay Wolf Jones, Kevin O'Donohue, Randy Severin
Licensing Manager: Kathie McCarthy
Special Adviser: Michael Gallo, Allen Richardson, Jon Sloan
Special Thanks To: Kenji Hiraoka, Jun Narita, Masahiro Ueno, Kazuhiro Ueda (David), Masa Otani, Steve Johnson, Sino & Shiro
Special Thanks To Warner Bros: Holly J. Stein, Catherine Sollecito, Laetitia May, John Crumlish
Supervisor: Yutaka Haruki
Producer: Tomikazu Kirita

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