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Bally Astrocade type-inLaser Duel1978Bally Mfg. Co. [Chicago, IL, USA]
PinballLast Action Hero [Model 500-5527-01]1993Data East Pinball [USA]
Nintendo Game Boy Cart.Last Action Hero [Model DMG-LR-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo NES cart.Last Action Hero [Model NES-LA-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo Super NES cart.Last Action Hero [Model SNS-L5-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Sega Game Gear cart.Last Action Hero [Model T-93048]1992Sony Imagesoft
Sega Genesis cart.Last Action Hero [Model T-93066]1993Sony Imagesoft
ShockerLe Mille1932Le Bobe & Barrès [France]
Redemption mechanical gameLe Pont Neuf1935Boudot, G. [Paris, France]
Sega Master System cart.Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse [Model 028750]1994Tec Toy Industria de Brinquedos S.A. [Brazil]
Thomson TO7 cass.Legende1985Shift Editions [Paris, France]
NEC PC-Engine CDLegion [Model TJCD0010]1990Telenet Japan
PC/MS-Windows CDLEGO Island1997Mindscape, Inc. [Northbrook, IL, USA] [24294]
IBM PC 5.25+3.5in. diskLeisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) [Model 31212]1989Sierra On-Line, Inc. [USA]
IBM PC/AT DOS 5.25+3.5in. disksLemmings 2 - The Tribes1993Psygnosis, Ltd.
Thomson TO7 type-inLes Chiffres & Lettres1985Shift Editions [Paris, France]
Apple II 5.25 diskLes Vautours198?Sogiciel [Paris, France]
Apple II 5.25 diskLet's Go There - Beginning Map and Geography Skills1993Troll Associates
Apple II 5.25 diskLet's Learn About Computers1994Troll Associates
Arcade Video gameLethal Enforcers II - Gun Fighters [Model GX312]1994Konami Co., Ltd. [ren. Konami Corp. in 2000] [Japan]
Sega Mega-CDLethal Enforcers II - The Western [Model T-95034]1994Konami Co., Ltd. [ren. Konami Corp. in 2000] [Japan]
TRS-80 type-inLetter Crunch1979SoftSide Publications, Inc.
Bally Astrocade cass.Letter Match19??Fabris, Robert [San Jose, CA, USA]
Commodore Amiga 500 diskLicence to Kill [Model 372-7]1989Domark Group, Ltd.
DEC PDP-7 soft.Life1970Bourne-Guy
Bally Astrocade cass.Life For Two1978Bilbrey, Brett
Arcade Video gameLinky Pipe1997Eolith Co., Ltd.
IBM PC/AT DOS CDLittle Big Adventure - Twinsen's Adventure [Model E3165CFS]1994Electronic Arts Home Computer Soft. [UK] [15839]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDLittle Big Adventure - Twinsen's Adventure [Model E3165CGS]1994Electronic Arts Home Computer Soft. [UK] [15839]
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskLittle Big Adventure - Twinsen's Adventure [Model E3165]1994Electronic Arts Home Computer Soft. [UK] [15839]
Sony PlayStation CDLittle Big Adventure [Model SLES-00698]1997Electronic Arts [CA, USA] [14633]
Nintendo Super Famicom cart.Live A Live [Model SHVC-5V]1994Square Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameLogic Pro1996Deniam [Korea]
Arcade Video gameLogic Pro 21997Deniam [Korea]
Arcade Video gameLogic Pro Adventure1999Amuse World Corp. [Seoul, Korea]
Sony PlayStation CDLomax [Model SLES-00451]1996Psygnosis, Ltd.
Atari 2600 cart.London Blitz [Model 50020]1983Avalon Hill Video Game Co., The [Baltimore, MD, USA]
Sony PlayStation CDLost Vikings 2 - The Return of The Lost Vikings [Model SLES-00057]1997Interplay
Arcade Video gameLovely Cards1985Tehkan, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Arcade Video gameLovely Pop Mahjong JangJang Shimasho1996Visco Corp. [Kyoto, Japan]
Arcade Video gameLucky & Wild1993NAMCO, Ltd. [Japan]
Wang 2200 soft.Lunar Lander1974Olsen, Tyler
Bally Astrocade type-inLunar Lander198?RMH Enterprises
Commodore C64 cart.Lunar Leeper1983Sierra On-Line, Inc. [USA]
Nintendo NES cart.M.C. Kids [Model NES-4Q-USA]1992Virgin Games [Irvine, CA, USA] [52145]
Arcade Video gameMace - The Dark Age1996Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation CDMachine Hunter [Model SLES-00831]1997MGM Interactive
Arcade Video gameMacross Plus1996Banpresto [Japan]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDMagic Carpet1994Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. [An Electronic Arts co.]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDMagic Carpet - The Hidden Worlds1995Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. [An Electronic Arts co.]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDMagic Carpet 2 - The Netherworlds1996Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. [An Electronic Arts co.]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDMagic Carpet Plus1996Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. [An Electronic Arts co.]
Sony PlayStation CDMagic Carpet [Model SLUS-00029]1996Electronic Arts [CA, USA] [14633]
Arcade Video gameMagical Crystals1991Kaneko Co., Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart.Magical Drop II [Model NGM-221]1996Data East Corp. [Japan]
SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart.Magical Drop III [Model NGM-233]1997Data East Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameMahjong Angel Kiss1995JALECO Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameMahjong Gakuen 2 - Gakuen-chou no Fukushuu1989Face Co., Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Arcade Video gameMahjong Lemon Angel1990Home Data [Japan]
PinballMajor League [Model 40]1934PAMCO [Pacific Amusement Mfg. Co.] [Chicago, IL, USA]
PinballMajor League [Model 44]1934PAMCO [Pacific Amusement Mfg. Co.] [Chicago, IL, USA]
Arcade Video gameMajuu no Oukoku [Model GX687]1987Konami Industry Co., Ltd. [ren. Konami Co. in 1991] [Japan]
IBM PC 5.25in. diskMake Your Own Murder Party [Model 1185]1986Electronic Arts [CA, USA] [14633]
Sony PlayStation 2 discMana-Khemia - Gakuen no Renkinjutsushi-tachi [Model SLPM-66748]2007Gust [Japan]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDManiac Mansion - Day of the Tentacle1993Softgold
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskManiac Mansion - Day of the Tentacle [Model 10512]1993LucasArts Ent. Co.
Sega Mark III cart.Maou Golvellius [Model G-1363]1988SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Arcade Video gameMarble Madness1984Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
Sega Genesis cart.Marble Madness [Model 7089]1991Electronic Arts [CA, USA] [14633]
Arcade Video gameMarble Man - Marble Madness II1991Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
NEC PC-9801 Series 5.25in. diskMaria ni Sasageru Ballade1995IDES [Japan]
Atari 5200 cart.Mario Bros. [Model CX5247]1983Atari, Inc. [ren. Atari Corp. in 1984] [CA, USA]
Nintendo NES cart.Mario is Missing! [Model NES-MQ-USA]1993Software Toolworks, The
Nintendo Virtual Boy cart.Mario's Tennis [Model VUE-VMTJ-JPN]1995Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo NES cart.Mario's Time Machine [Model NES-TM-USA]1994Software Toolworks, The
Sega Genesis cart.Marsupilami [Model 1841]1996SEGA of America, Inc. [San Francisco, CA, USA]
IGS PGM cart.Martial Masters2001IGS Co., Ltd. [International Game System]
Capcom CPS-II cart.Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter [Green Board]1997Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
PinballMary Shelley's Frankenstein1995SEGA Pinball, Inc. [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
Arcade Video gameMasked Riders Club Battle Race1993Banpresto [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDMass Destruction [Model SLES-00098]1997BMG Interactive Ent. [Japan]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum type-inMassacre198?Groupe Loisirs [France]
Arcade Video gameMaster Boy1991Gaelco S.A.
Bally Astrocade cass.Mastermind19??Bilbrey, Brett
Bally Astrocade type-inMastermind1980Fabris, Robert [San Jose, CA, USA]
Atari 400/800 cass.Masters' Golf1981Ramware
TRS-80 cass.Masters' Golf1981Ramware
Nintendo GBA cart.Mawaru - Made in Wario [Model AGB-RZWJ-JPN]2004Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameMayhem 20021985Cinematronics, Inc. [El Cajon, CA, USA]
TRS-80 type-inMaze Sweep1982SoftSide Publications, Inc.
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