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Results for Yasuhisa Watanabe (Yack.)

[ARCADE] Taito F3 Cart.Arkanoid Returns1997Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBCameltry1989Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Taito F3 Cart.Dan-Ku-Ga1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBDarius II1989Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Taito F3 Cart.Elevator Action Returns1995Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBEnforce1988Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBFighters' Impact1996Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBFighters' Impact A1997Taito Corp. [Japan]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameG-Darius [Model SLPS-01348]1998Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBGun Frontier1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBJigoku Meguri1988Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Taito F3 Cart.Kaiser Knuckle1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBKuri Kinton1988Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBMajestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBMaster of Weapon1989Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBMaze of Flott1989Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBMegablast1989Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBMetal Black1991Taito Corp. [Japan]
[CONSOLE] Sega Mega-CD GameNight Striker [Model T-11014]1993Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBPsychic Force1995Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Taito F3 Cart.Puchi Carat - Gemstone Ohkoku no Sekai1997Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBPuLiRuLa1991Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBQuiz Torimonochou1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBRastan Saga II1988Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBRunark1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Sega NAOMI GDSenko no Ronde [Model GDL-0030]2005G.Rev
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBSyvalion1988Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBThe New Zealand Story1988Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBThe Ninja Warriors1987Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBWarrior Blade - Rastan Saga Episode III1991Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBWGP - Real Racing Feeling1989Taito Corp. [Japan]
[ARCADE] Arcade PCBWGP2 - Real Racing Feeling1990Taito Corp. [Japan]