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Phillips CD-i discAlice in Wonderland [Model 810 0014]1992Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Andy Capp1988Mirrorsoft, Ltd. [England]
Nintendo 64 cart.Army Men - Sarge's Heroes 2 [Model NUS-N32E-USA]20003DO Co., The [CA, USA]
Nintendo 64 cart.Army Men - Sarge's Heroes [Model NUS-NAME-USA]19993DO Co., The [CA, USA]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Ball Crazy [Model IS 0182]1987MAD [Mastertronic Added Dimension]
Nintendo 64 cart.BattleTanx [Model NUS-NBXE-USA]19983DO Co., The [CA, USA]
Nintendo 64 cart.Carmageddon 641999Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd. [UK]
Sony PlayStation 3 discCatherine [Model BLJM-60215]2011Atlus Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Combat Zone [Model AS 164]1988Alternative Soft., Ltd.
Nintendo 64 cart.Hexen [Model NUS-NHXE-USA]1997GT Interactive Soft. Corp. [NY, USA]
Sega Saturn CDHexen [Model T-25406H]1997GT Interactive Soft. Corp. [NY, USA]
Sony PlayStation 2 discIris no Atelier - Eternal Mana 2 [Model SLPM-65985]2005Gust [Japan]
Phillips CD-i discLink - The Faces of Evil [Model 810 0080]1993Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
IBM PC/AT DOS CDManiac Mansion - Day of the Tentacle1993Softgold
Atari Jaguar cart.Missile Command 3D [Model J9097E]1995Atari Corp. [CA, USA]
Phillips CD-i discMutant Rampage - Bodyslam [Model 810 0179]1994Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
MOS KIM-1 cass.Please1977Computerist, The
Sega Master System cart.Prince of Persia [Model MK-27022-50]1992Domark Group, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CDRoad Rash [Model SLUS-00035]1995Electronic Arts [CA, USA] [14633]
Sega Saturn CDShinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidoh Retsuden1997SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDShinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidoh Retsuden [Model SLPS-00814]1997SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Japan]
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk.Star Wars - TIE Fighter1994LucasArts Ent. Co.
Sony PlayStation CDThe Lost World - Jurassic Park [Model SLUS-00515]1997Electronic Arts [CA, USA] [14633]
Apple IIGS disk.Xenocide1989Pangea Soft.
Phillips CD-i discZelda - The Wand of Gamelon [Model 810 0096]1993Philips Interactive Media, Inc.