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Takeshi Hasegawa

Arcade Video gameCalifornia Speed1998Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
Nintendo Wii discDairantou Smash Brothers X [Model RVL-RSBJ-JPN]2008Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameGauntlet Dark Legacy2000Midway Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Arcade Video gameGauntlet Legends1998Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameMace - The Dark Age1996Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameT-MEK - The Warlords1994Atari Games Corp. [CA, USA]
NEC PC-Engine CDUltrabox 2 Gou [Model JCCD0602]1990Victor Musical Industries, Inc. [Japan]