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Shin Nakamura

Arcade Video gameBattle K-Road - Multi Style Fighting Tournament1994Psikyo
Arcade Video gameGunbird1994Psikyo
Arcade Video game kitRabbit Punch [Model 0F12]1987Bally Midway Mfg. Co. [Franklin Park, IL, USA]
Arcade Video gameRabio Lepus1987V-System Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameS.T.G - Strike Gunner1991Tecmo, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Arcade Video gameSol Divide - Sword of Darkness1997Psikyo
Arcade Video gameSonic Wings1992Video System Co., Ltd. [Kyoto, Japan]
Arcade Video gameSpace Bomber1998Psikyo
Arcade Video gameStrikers 19451995Psikyo
Arcade Video gameStrikers 1945 II1997Psikyo
Arcade Video gameZer0 Gunner [Model A]1997Psikyo