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Results for Masao Takeuchi

[CONSOLE] NEC PC-Engine CD Game3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Hensei [Model HECD4010]1994NEC Home Electronics, Ltd.
[CONSOLE] NEC PC-Engine CD GameBrandish [Model HECD4007]1994NEC Home Electronics, Ltd.
[ARCADE] Sega NAOMI Cart.MushiKing - The King of Beetle 2K3 2nd [Model 840-0150C]2003SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[CONSOLE] NEC PC-FX GameReturn to Zork [Model FXNHE505]1995NEC Home Electronics, Ltd.
[CONSOLE] NEC PC-Engine GameStreet Fighter II' - Champion Edition [Model HE93002]1993NEC Home Electronics, Ltd.