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Nintendo Famicom Cart.$1,000,000 Kid - Maboroshi no Teiou Hen [Model SFL-KP]1988SOFEL Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Commodore Amiga Soft.'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun.1993Alternative Soft., Ltd.
Commodore Amiga Soft.'Nam 1965-19751991Domark Group, Ltd.
Nintendo GameCube Game007 - Everything or Nothing [Model DOL-GENE-USA]2004EA Games [Electronic Arts, Inc.]
Nintendo GameCube Game007 - Everything or Nothing [Model DOL-GENP-EUR]2004EA Games [Electronic Arts, Inc.]
Nintendo Game Boy Color Game007 - The World is not Enough [Model CGB-B07E-USA]2001EA Games [Electronic Arts, Inc.]
Nintendo 64 Game007 - The World Is Not Enough [Model NUS-N07E-USA]2000EA Games [Electronic Arts, Inc.]
Sony PlayStation Game007 - Tomorrow Never Dies [Model SLES-01324]1999Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Amstrad CPC Cass.007 The Living Daylights1987Domark Group, Ltd.
Arcade Video Game PCB1 on 1 - One on One Government2000Tecmo, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Nintendo Game Boy Color Game10-Pin Bowling [Model CGB-VP9E-USA]1999Majesco Sales, Inc.
Nintendo Famicom Cart.10-Yard Fight [Model IF-02]1985Irem Corp. [Japan]
Nintendo 64 Game1080° Snowboarding [Model NUS-NTEJ-JPN]1998Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Amstrad CPC Cass.10th Frame1986US Gold, Ltd. [Birmingham, England]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.10th Frame1987US Gold, Ltd. [Birmingham, England]
Amstrad CPC Cass.11 A Side Soccer1989Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
Coin-op Pinball15 Pool1976Fiveteen Pool [Italy]
NEC PC-Engine CD Game1552 Tenka Tairan [Model AKCD3001]1993ASK Kodansha Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sega Meganet Game16t1991SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.180 [Model MADC 6]1986Mastertronic, Ltd. [UK]
Commodore Amiga Soft.1869 - Erlebte Geschichte Teil I1992Flair Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.19 Part 1 - Boot Camp1988Cascade Games, Ltd.
Arcade Video Game PCB1941 - Counter Attack [B-Board 89625B-1]1990Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
NEC Supergraphx Game1941 - Counter Attack [Model HC91048]1991Hudson Soft. [Hudson Group] [Japan]
Arcade Video Game PCB19421984Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Amstrad CPC Cass.19421986Elite Systems, Ltd.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.19421986Elite Systems, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation 3 Game1942 - Joint Strike2008Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.1942 Mission1984CCS [Cases Computer Simulations, Ltd.] [London, England]
Nintendo Famicom Cart.1942 [Model CAP-19]1985Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video Game PCB1943 - Midway Kaisen1987Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video Game PCB1943 Kai - Midway Kaisen1987Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-Engine Game1943 Kai [Model NX91002]1991Naxat Soft. [Japan]
Arcade Video Game PCB1945k III2000Oriental Soft, Inc.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.1984 [Model N003]1983Incentive Soft.
Capcom CPS-II Cart.19XX - The War Against Destiny [Green Board]1996Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Commodore Amiga Soft.1st Division Manager1992Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.1st Division Manager [Model 2497]1991Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
Amstrad CPC Cass.1st Division Manager [Model 3530]1992Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
Nintendo Famicom Cart.2 IN 1: Donkey Kong Country 4 + The Jungle Book 21997JY Co.
Arcade Video Game PCB2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge1995Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.2 Player Soccer Squad1991Cult
Arcade Video Game PCB2 Spicy2007SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.20-20 Vision1986Gadtek Games
Coin-op Pinball2001 [Model 298]1971Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
Coleco Adam Disk.2010 - The Ultimate Text Adventure [Model 7849/9659]1985Coleco Industries, Inc. [Amsterdam, NY, USA]
Nintendo Famicom Cart.2010 Street Fighter [Model STE-20]1990Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo Super Famicom Game2020 Toshi no Super Baseball [Model SHVC-SA]1993KAC [K.Amusement Lising Co.] [Japan]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.20881988Zeppelin Games
Coin-op Pinball211960Williams Mfg. Co. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Amstrad CPC Cass.2112 AD1986Design Design Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.2112 AD1985Design Design Soft.
Coin-op Misc. Game22-Man Football1922Smith [Gordon H. Smith] [UK]
Coin-op Pinball242009Stern Pinball, Inc. [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
Coin-op Pinball3 Coins1962Williams Mfg. Co. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3 Deep Space1983Postern
Coin-op Pinball3 Jokers [Model 392]1970Williams Mfg. Co. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Nintendo Super NES Game3 Ninjas Kick Back [Model SNS-A3NE-USA]1994Sony Imagesoft
Sega Genesis Game3 Ninjas Kick Back [Model T-113076]1994Sony Imagesoft
Atari 2600 Cart.3-D Genesis1983Amiga Corp. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
Atari 2600 Cart.3-D Ghost Attack1983Amiga Corp. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
Nintendo Virtual Boy Game3-D Tetris [Model VUE-VPBE-USA]1996Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA]
Coin-op Trade Stimulator3-Dial Fortune1892Murray, Spink & Co. [Providence, RI, USA]
Coin-op Pinball3-In-Line [Model 26]1935Bally Mfg. Co. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Coin-op Pinball3-Ring Circus1932Bally Mfg. Co. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Coin-op Pinball300 [Model 388]1975Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
Sega Genesis 32X Game36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples [Model 84602]1994SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Sharp X68000 Soft.38-man Kilo no Kokuu1989System Sacom Corp. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation Game3D Baseball [Model SLUS-00066]1996Crystal Dynamics
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Bat Attack [Model SP01-01]1984Cheetahsoft
Acorn BBC/Electron Cass.3D Bomb Alley1983Software Invasion
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Combat Zone1983Artic Computing, Ltd.
Commodore Amiga Soft.3D Construction Kit1991Domark Group, Ltd.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Defenda1983Contrast Soft.
Microsoft DOS Soft.3D Lemmings1995Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation Game3D Lemmings [Model SCES-00009]1995Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Maze of Gold1982Gilsoft
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Pinball1989Mastertronic, Ltd. [UK]
Commodore Amiga Soft.3D Pool1989Firebird Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Quadracube1983Artic Computing, Ltd.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Starfighter [Model 2058]1988Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
Amstrad CPC Cass.3D Starfighter [Model 3059]1987Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
Amstrad CPC Cass.3D Starstrike1985Realtime Games Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Starstrike1984Realtime Games Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Tank Duel1984Realtime Games Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D Tunnel [Model NGS 2]1983New Generation Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3D-Interceptor1984Ventamatic [Spain]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass.3DC1987Hit-Pak
Phillips CD-i Game3rd Degree [Model 310690073-2]1993Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
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