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Kumi Mizobe

Taito F3 cart.Arkanoid Returns1997Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Dan-Ku-Ga1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameGunbuster1992Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Kaiser Knuckle1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameMajestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameMetal Black1991Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Puzzle Bobble 21995Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Puzzle Bobble 31996Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameQuiz H.Q.1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Twin Qix1995Taito Corp. [Japan]