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Results for Claire

Sony PlayStation gameCyberia [Model SLUS-00053]1996Interplay
Sony PlayStation gameG-Police [Model SLES-00082/10082]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation gameGrand Theft Auto [Model SLES-00032]1997Take-Two Interactive
Sony PlayStation gameKrazy Ivan [Model SLES-00084]1996Sony Computer Ent. Europe [SCEE]
Sony PlayStation gameMass Destruction [Model SLES-00098]1997BMG Interactive Ent. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation gamePGA European Tour Golf [Model SLES-02061]1999Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Nintendo GBA cart.V.I.P. [Model AGB-AVPP-EUR]2002Ubi Soft
Sony PlayStation gameWipeout [Model SCES-00010]1995Sony Computer Ent. Europe [SCEE]
Sony PlayStation 2 gameYakuza [Model SLES-54171]2006SEGA Europe Ltd.