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Chris Seavor

Nintendo 64 cart.Banjo-Kazooie [Model NUS-NBKE-USA]1998Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA] [45496]
Nintendo 64 cart.Banjo-Tooie [Model NUS-NB7E-USA]2000Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA] [45496]
Nintendo 64 cart.Conker's Bad Fur Day [Model NUS-NFUE-USA]2001T-HQ, Inc. [Toy HeadQuarters]
Nintendo 64 cart.Diddy Kong Racing [Model NUS-NDYE-USA]1997Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA] [45496]
Arcade Video gameKiller Instinct1994Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
Arcade Video gameKiller Instinct 21996Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
Nintendo 64 cart.Killer Instinct Gold [Model NUS-NKIE-USA]1997Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA] [45496]
Nintendo Game Boy Cart.Killer Instinct [Model DMG-AKLE-USA]1995Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA] [45496]