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Tinkle Pit

Arcade Video game published 27 years ago by NAMCO

Tinkle Pit screenshot

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Tinkle Pit © 1993 Namco.

The player contols Pitt and Patti, who must walk around the mazes, collecting items and avoiding enemies. They have the power to drop their Tinker power balls, which are both invulnerable to the enemies, and move around by pressing the Line button, therefore creating a line between them and their power balls. Releasing the button makes their power balls come back to them; the enemies are killed by having the power balls slam into them. There are also pieces of popcorn which can be picked up around the mazes - and pressing the Popcorn button, Pitt and Patti can throw them at the enemies, and they shall bounce off the walls until they hit one (or evaporate if they have not done so by the end of the stage).

Killing all enemies in a maze advances the player to the next stage; however, in the event of one enemy remaining, he will make for the nearest corner of the maze, say "Bye-bye!", and disappear - which will detract from the "Pursuit Bonus" that the players will receive after they defeat Mao at the end of the game.


Namco System NA-1 hardware
Game ID : TK

Main CPU : Motorola 68000 (@ 12.52825 Mhz), M37710 (@ 12.52825 Mhz)
Sound Chips : C140 (@ 42.667 Khz)

Players : 4
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3


Released in March 1994 in Japan.

Tinkle Pit is a Namco museum, a LOT of Namco characters (from early Namco games) appear in this game, here is a list :
* All characters (Ghosts and Pacman) from "Pac-Man".
* All characters from "Dig Dug".
* Several characters from "Xevious".
* Several characters from "Libble Rabble".
* 'Pino', 'Acha' and the 'Soldier' from "Toypop" as item.
* The 'Special Flag' sprite and the 'Blue Cars' from "Rally-X".
* The 'Lucky Flag' sprite from "New Rally-X".
* The 'King' from "King & Balloon".
* 'Kai' from "The Tower of Druaga".
* 'Mappy', 'Mona Lisa' and the 'Safe' from "Mappy".
* The 'Rainbow Block' from "Cutie Q"
* The 'Red Baron' from "Sky Kid".
* 'Mill' from "Pac & Pal".
* The 'Headquarters' from "Tank Battalion".
* The 'Pink Chewing Gum' from "Emeraldia".
* The 'Morekku' from "Phozon".
* The 'Green Furossa' from "Grobda".
* The 'Red Missile' from "Bosconian - Star Destroyer".
* The 'Orange BEROBERO' from "Warp & Warp".
* The 'Missing child' from "Marvel Land".

Also, you can get a sort of 'trophy character' on the name registration depending of the highscore (the number in [x x] appears by 1 figure under the number which added all the beams) :
* Second place on the Ranking - 'Ms. Pacman' from "Ms. Pac-Man".
* A highscore [0 1] - 'Reira' from "Rolling Thunder 2".
* A highscore [2 3] - 'Acha' from "Toypop".
* A highscore [4 5] - 'Peach' from "Wonder Momo".
* A highscore [6 7] - a 'Princess Character' from "Bravo Man - Chou Zetsurin Jin".
* A highscore [8 9] - 'Sharon' from "Numan Athletics".
* Game finished (continue used) - 'Kai''from "The Tower of Druaga".
* Game finished (in one coin) - 'Valkyrie' from "Valkyrie no Densetsu".

Game's ROM.