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Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth

Aleck64 cart. published 22 years ago by Hudson Soft.

Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth screenshot

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Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth © 1998 Hudson Soft.


Seta Aleck64 hardware

CPU : R4300i
Co-Processor : 64-bit RISC processor, RCP SP (Sound and Graphics Processor), and DP (Pixel Drawing Processor)
Sound : 16 bit stereo, 44.1Khz; ADPCM sound compression, up to 100PCM channels
RAM : Rambus D-RAM 36 Mbits

Players : 1
Buttons : 4


Star Soldier Vanishing Earth was released in November 1998.


1. Star Soldier (1986, Famicom)
2. Super Star Soldier [Model HE-1097] (1990, PC-Engine)
3. Final Soldier [Model MC91045] (1991, PC-Engine)
4. Soldier Blade [Model HC92056] (1992, PC-Engine)
5. Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth (1998, Arcade)
6. Star Soldier R (2008, Wii)


Producer : T. Takahashi
Superviser: S. Nakamoto
Product Manager : A. Ikeda
Planner : M. Nakamura
Designer : H. Soma, H. Kimoto, K. Kasahara
Music : I. Shimakura
Sound Effect : O. Narita
Programmer : M. Murata, K. Tsubota


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