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Legend: original release ORIGINAL | sample SAMPLE | canceled project CANCELED | re-release REISSUE | export release EXPORT | 18 ADULT
Type ▼Name ▼Year ▼Publisher
Pinballoriginal Unknown coin-operated game-350Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal Unknown Jester's Box1108Unknown
Non-Coin Gameoriginal Automatic Ivory-Ball Game1449Unknown
Working Modelnot a game Kill Tilly1648Unknown
Working Modelnot a game Rocket1881Unknown
Working Modelnot a game Steamship and Lighthouse1890Unknown
Fortune Telleroriginal L'Avenir1892Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal 3-For-11893Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal La Bouteille1895Unknown
Working Modelnot a game Peppers Ghost1895Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal Pierrot1895Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal Unic1895Unknown
Working Modelnot a game Kunst-Automat Model 3928a1897Unknown
Fortune Telleroriginal Le Veinard1897Unknown
Gun gameoriginal Zimmer Schiess-Stand1897Unknown
Fortune Telleroriginal Post Office1898Unknown
Trade Stimulatororiginal Winkle1898Unknown
Strength Testeroriginal Hercules Musik Automat189?Unknown
Vieweroriginal Kaleidoskop-Automat189?Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal Mechanisch Singende Vögel Model 214189?Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal Mechanisch Singende Vögel Model 215189?Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal Mechanisch Singende Vögel Model 216189?Unknown
Vieweroriginal Prof. Röntgen's X-Strahlen-Automat189?Unknown
Working Modelnot a game Ferris Wheel18??Unknown
Non-Coin Gameoriginal La Surprise18??Unknown
Shockeroriginal Electriseur Le Feu1900Unknown
Trade Stimulatororiginal L'Arbitre1900Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal La Française1900Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal Le Sourire1900Unknown
Working Modelnot a game The Cornish Tin Mine1900Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal Wache Raus!1900Unknown
Shockeroriginal The Nottingham Shocker1901Unknown
Shockeroriginal Electric Treatment1902Unknown
Strength Testeroriginal Love Spirometer1902Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal L'Écureuil1903Unknown
Shockeroriginal Electricity Is Life1905Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal Gloria1905Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal Onkel Theodor1905Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal Recado1905Unknown
Trade Stimulatororiginal Rouge & Noire1905Unknown

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