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Type ▼NameYear ▼Publisher ▼
Slot Machine2007IGT International Game Technologies Reno, NV, USA
Amstrad CPC Cass.1989Ubi Soft
Thomson TO7 Cass.1984Interactifs France
Jukebox1978Jupiter France
Jukebox1972Jupiter France
Console1978Sheen Australia
Amstrad CPC Cass.1988Silverbird Soft.
MSX Cart.1986Al Alamiah
Console1976Radofin Germany
Sega Mega Drive Game1998BBD
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft.1992Pepsi Soft. Spain
Fortune Teller1997Success Japan
Nintendo NES Cart.199?Unknown
Console1976Radofin Germany
Atari 400/800 Cart.1983Atari, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Atari 400/800 Cart.1983Atari, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Slot Machine2009Atronic
Pinball1976Fiveteen Pool Italy
Sharp X1 Cass.198?Unknown Japan
NEC PC-8801 Disk.198?Unknown Japan
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft.1983Sinclair Programs
Videoton TVC Disk.198?Nyitrai Hungary
NEC PC-Engine CD Game1993ASK Kodansha Co., Ltd. Japan
Commodore Amiga Soft.199?Gremlin Graphics Soft., Ltd.
Sony PlayStation Game1996Lightspan Partnership, The
Sega Mega Drive Game199?Ming
Sega Mega Drive Game199?Unknown China
Pinball200?Kwang Yih Technology Development Co. Taichung City, Taiwan
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft.1983CP Soft.
Sega Meganet Game1991SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Slot Machine1957Automatenbau Pfronten
Slot Machine19??Unknown Germany
Slot Machine1955Wiegandt George Wiegandt Berlin, Germany
Slot Machine1956Wiegandt George Wiegandt Berlin, Germany
Other1985Commodore, Ltd.
Sharp X1 Disk.1986Macadamia Japan
Sharp X68000 Soft.1986Macadamia Japan
NEC PC-9801 Soft.1986Macadamia Japan
NEC PC-8801 Disk.1986Macadamia Japan

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